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10-Course Back To Brazil Feast

June 14th at Nomadic Chef Series: Act 1

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This event was full of firsts for us. It was the first time we featured Brazilian cuisine at an event, and it was the first time we brought our own chef into a restaurant with us to put on the show (unaffiliated with the restaurant we were at). Typically, the hosts are the executive chefs at...

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10-Course Globally-Inspired Series

June 5th & 6th at Traif

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Members often ask us what our favorite restaurants are, and Traif is always on the list. Now some of you know why - 140 of you to be exact! The reason we find this restaurant to be so magical has to do with a lot more than the food, which is without a doubt incredible btw. It's about the...

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9-Course Seafood-Centric Thai Feast

May 22nd at Fish Cheeks

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This event just reinforced what we were pretty sure we already knew... Fish Cheeks is incredible! We were pretty blown away at our first event together a few months back but that was a brunch event and, naturally, we had to make sure that their genius translated to dinner. Well, it 100%...

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10-Course Mid-Atlantic Roots Series

May 9th & 10th at Delaware and Hudson

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We had a feeling this event series was going to be one for the ages, and based on the feedback we got from members, it lived up to the hype. Chef Patti Jackson showed us what a seasonal-inspired menu is all about with this one, as each course brilliantly incorporated all of the bright green...

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9-Course Filipino Test Kitchen Series

May 2nd & 4th at Maharlika

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This test kitchen series was a total blast! Co-owners Chef Miguel Trinidad and Nicole Poseca welcomed us with open arms and an incredible music playlist that made these events feel incredibly warm and comfortable. Chef Miguel and Nicole shared so many stories with us, but we particularly...

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