The Food Lover's Community

Members enjoy access to our private chef-led dining events at top restaurants, as well as exclusive perks from the best food‑related brands.

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Chef-Led Dining Events

Our events are all about creating a more meaningful restaurant experience. We take over top independent eateries and fill them up with our members for chef-led feasts. Restaurant chefs craft incredible multi-course meals that showcase their favorite signature dishes, as well as experimental off-menu creations, and come out of the kitchen throughout the evening to introduce the dishes and share stories. Members break bread around communal tables and provide the chefs with valuable feedback on each course.

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Exclusive Foodie Perks

In addition to our dining events, members enjoy access to a curated collection of exclusive perks from the best restaurants and foodie-focused brands. Show the waiter your membership card any and every time you dine at partner restaurants and get treated like a VIP with perks such as complimentary chefs' choice dishes, desserts, or drinks. Also, access incredible ongoing savings from award-winning culinary classes, artisanal purveyors, and food-related products & services.

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